A selection of past projects showcasing how the NFC technology can apply to so many different industries.

Think NFT & Steve Aoki GENESIS

THINK:NFT an NFT ecosystem of top NFT talent and community events, founded by Pink Floyd saxophonist, Scott Page, with the mission of empowering artists and technologists to collectively elevate culture. The event used the Tap2Interact tech and NFC interactive badges to create an engaging user experience.  

Leigh Steinberg - super bowl 2022

The 35th annual Leigh Steinberg’s Super Bowl Party. Interactive NFC badges powered by the Tap2Interact platform allowing the guests for easy access and event information. Additionally  visitors used the Connect and Collect tech to simply tap each other’s badge and collect their contact information.

Brown-Forman - Jack Daniels

The client was looking for a solution that can provide a user touchless experience. The audience would tap their smart phones against interactive posters or table tent in order to auto-launch the venue menu on their screen.

the golden heart fund

The interactive NFC wristbands were part of a large campaign focused on raising funds and bring awareness. The Golden Heart Fund missions is to to provide a lifeline to 49ERS Alumni who are in need off financial, medical, physiological or emotional support.

mgm resorts international

Part of their Seven-Point Safety Plan was to create touchless guest experiences through technology and transition previous processes into contactless options. 

tony robbins

Tony Robbins celebrated his 60th birthday by putting on a benefit concert for O.U.R. It was an unforgettable evening with thousands of lives changed. Tap2Interact helped with integrating the NFC bands in the donation process and creating an amazing atmosphere by using radio controlled NFC/LED RGB wristbands. 


By using interactive NFC posters through all their event, Hyundai managed to personalize the user experience and streamline content delivery directly to the user’s smart phone. 


Interactive NFC key-chain, users are able to tap the tag and auto launch the LYFT app directly to their phones. 


NFC Interactive wristbands were part of a large North American campaign helping to raise awareness. Users would have their unique personal band linked to a profile page created around their content. Social media sharing, photo gallery, sweepstakes and so much more.

U.S. Army

NFC wristbands integrated in a nation wide recruitment campaign.


The Pokemon Go Fest an amazing event that combines the excitement of the popular mobile AR game “Pokemon Go,” with the real world interactivity around Chicago’s Grant Park. The NFC wristbands were used to replace ticketing and facilitate access to the event. The interaction with the wristband would provide useful event information like event map and other relevant info.


The annual Kawasaki Dealer event taking place in Palm Springs. This was a special occasion celebrating 50 years. Kawasaki was looking to use NFC technology to create a great user experience. The NFC bands were used to check in to training sessions, provide user with helpful event information, gamification and rewards.