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A new generation of interactive merchandise

Today, smartphones are the epicenter of how we engage with each other and the world around us. From content to commerce, smartphones enhance and create amazing experiences.

Welcome to a new world of smart marketing materials that interact with smartphones without downloading any apps.

Auto-launch your digital content with a simple tap.


Dynamic URL

Update and manage your campaign URLs in real time. You can configure the merchandise to launch your online content, promote an app download, show business based on the user's proximity, launch an app on your phone, and more...


You can now have clear visibility of how your promotional product performs. Track and generate analytics reports whenever you need it.


No more guessing games. You are now in control with better visibility into your marketing efforts.

Landing Page

While most of the time our clients find more preferable to link their products to their own content/website. If time is of the essence and you need a quick landing page setup. Our team can assist and help build this for you.

Unique URL

Depending on your application our team can assist with programming your product with one URL per batch or set it up with unique URLs per each item.

Ask Us Anything

We strive to provide a one-stop shop service.  From decorating to programming and fulfilling services, we got it all.

The most used option is to program into the customer’s website or event landing page. 

While the most popular option is to program into your custom URL/website. We also can program: launch a video, social networks, location of specific services based on users proximity, an app installed on your phone, an app store app download, mail to contact of preference, call the desired phone number, send an SMS, destination address, wifi credentials.

We don’t collect individual user data. All data is related to your campaign like the total number of scans, geo-location, type of device used, unique scans, and return scans. If you need more data this is usually done on your end if we don’t host any of your content.

Most if our products have a 14 business days production time. Please reach out to our team if you need something faster as some products can be expedited.

No, the beauty of this tech is that is all dynamic as it can be routed in the cloud. We can start production as soon as you have the artwork ready and you can then update and redirect the items when the URL is ready later on.

Yes we are based in Southern California and this is the facility we are shipping from.

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