The ultimate NFC event solution

Tap2Interact allows any brand from venues, teams, leagues,  and any organization to create more memorable experiences for today’s savvy participants ( fans, consumers, users, and attendees).


Our modules help drive more value for any ecosystem and give your audience more personalization around their specific experience. They literally tap into their own custom experiences based on their interests!!
These modules can be individually added or removed allowing the brand to create a custom user flow.


User registration data can be imported pre-event, captured during the event using our event app, or integrated with a third-party registration/ticketing system. Alternatively, we can also set it up as self-registration, allowing individuals to activate their own interactive merchandise. Flexibility is the key based on your needs, objectives, and least path of resistance.

Photos - Taparazzi

Our mobile photo solution Taparazzi allows brand ambassadors to snap photos in various locations throughout venues and sync them directly to the user’s profile. No more searching for images, each photo gets sent automatically to each participant in the photo. Streamline and build personal profile pages with participants’ own photos and watch engagement soar!


This feature allows brands, sponsors, vendors, sessions, areas, access points, and other elements to check in guests/participants and gather and deliver vital data to their personal profile page.
The check-in can be done by staff members using our Tap2Interact event app or by guests/users interacting directly with an interactive NFC poster/sign. 
This module can also be used as an access validation to certain areas of your event.
Once checked-in a guest would receive the appriopriate check-in/sponsor data into their profile page.
Gathering data for ongoing interactions and delivering specific digital media to participants’ personal profile pages helps reinforce experiences.

Networking - Connect & Collect

Any experience from B2B to B2C is better when you are connecting with your peers. This module allows participants to TAP other users’ interactive NFC merchandise and automatically collect each other’s information.
Share your business contact info together with social network profile links and other digital assets. All this information gets exchanged instantly between users.
Each guest gets easy access to their profile page and download all collected contacts in vCard format. Alternatively, export your data in CSV format so you can use that with your favorite CRM.

Personal Profile Page

All end users can simply tap their interactive merchandise and access their personal page. These pages have a baseline of information (event info, links, sponsors, etc…) and customized content from each participant’s experience. These are dynamic pages generated with content reflective of the guest experience. 
Frictionless user experience as these personal pages would auto-launch with a simple smartphone tap and there is no need for a third party app download.

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