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The SMART sustainable way to deliver collateral, links and digital media

It’s really never been so easy and efficient to share your event’s digital content.

Our CMS allows brands to build landing pages easily and streamline the most relevant collateral, links, and data capture forms connected to specific merchandise. Our clients are diverse and so are their needs, events, and campaigns. It’s vital these days to speak directly to the content that matters most to end users.

Added Value

Your current promotional merchandise is now interactive. Streamline the digital content-sharing process and add more value to your giveaways.


We live in a new age where digital content can be updated in real-time and whenever it’s needed. Your merchandise can also perform the same. Simply log in, update your content and therefore your users would always access the most recent version of it.

The ROI results

You can now have a clear insight into your marketing efforts. Our platform gives you real-time visibility into how your users access and download your digital content. View and generate reports whenever you need to do so.


Collateral folder

Update and manage your content in real-time. You can upload any file type, create folders, add external URLs, password protect specific files. If your content is already hosted you can simply copy and paste your links here.


You can now have clear visibility of how your promotional product performs. Track and generate analytics reports whenever you need it. View detailed reports on what files get the most traffic and more.


No more guessing games. You are now in control with better visibility into your marketing efforts.

Landing Page

We value your time. With this in mind, we designed this solution to be simple and intuitive. Once we set up your event you simply need to log in and drag and drop your content. Additionally, you can create and embed data capture forms or add any type of content.

Unique URL

You have the flexibility to redirect all your content to one Collateral Folder or optionally segment your merchandise in batches and deliver content based on unique events.

Ask Us Anything

We strive to provide a one-stop shop service.  From decorating to programming and setting up your event page. We understand time is valuable and we are striving to take most tasks away from you. You simply need to drag and drop your content into a folder.

The Connected Content would allow you to upload any file format or add third-party links.

We recommend being mindful that your users might access your content from events with a limited internet connection and therefore be aware of the file size.

Your content is securely hosted in the US Pacific West region. 

Most if our products have a 14 business days production time. During this period we produce your interactive merchandise and also build the online experience. Please reach out to our team if you need something faster as some products can be expedited.

We don’t collect individual user data. All data is related to your campaigns like the total number of downloads or total visits per each file. All data can be exported to a CSV file format.

Yes we are based in Southern California and this is the facility we are shipping from.

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