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Advanced security and privacy with NTAG® 424 DNA / 424 DNA TagTamper

Replicas, counterfeits and illegal products are one of the top challenges for many consumer brands globally. Almost three trillion dollars worth of goods are being counterfeited every year and customers are increasingly facing the risk of buying fake products instead of authentic ones.

This new NFC chip generation offers a state-of-the-art security and privacy protection. Best applications for product counterfit authentication or NFT/blockchain solution.

Connected smart products equipped with the secured Tap2Interact technology on a batch or serialisation level have the ability to enable product authentication capabilities.

This creates a dynamically encrypted and unique identity for each product. Consumers can scan with any smartphone (no app needed), which can then run a authentication check against it’s digital record on the Tap2Interact Platform and return a message confirming that specific serial instance of the product is authenticated as genuine. Click here to learn more about the NXP NTAG® 424 and 424 DNA TagTamper specifications.

Our platform includes:

Encoding Client

While in most instances we handle the production and encoding phase. When needed we can also provide you with an encoding client that will allow your team to program the NFC DNA 424 in your facility.


You can now have clear visibility over the encoded products but also track how your product performs in the real world. Generate analytics reports whenever you need it. View detailed reports on what files get the most traffic and more.


No more guessing games. You are now in control with better visibility into your marketing efforts.

Tag Setup Backend

This element is coordinating the tag programming process by generating the appropriate commands and managing authentication keys.

Tag Validator API

API server which provides dynamic URL validation and decryption.

Client API

Custom client API integration to validate if a tag was authenticated/activated and based on this logic redirect the user to a unique session URL, NFT drop, etc..

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