This page will provide you with all the information you need to make the best of the SurfScape Interactive NFC Wristbands.

Brand Sponsor

1. As a Brand Sponsor you will need to install the free Tap2Interact app on your iPhone/Android.
please visit:
Apple store – www.go2.tech/t2i-ios
Google store: www.go2.tech/t2i-android

2. Once the app is installed please use the credentials sent by email and login into your Brand Sponsor account.

3. Wath the video below to see the few simple steps you need to check in a user. For any questions and support please email us support@tap2interact.com

End user

1. As a end user there is no need for an app download. You would simply use your iPhone to tap the top against the center of the wristband. The very first visit will ask you to activate your wristband.

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