Welcome Exhibitors and Sponsors to the opportunity to create your own TapStation at Kidz-Con 2022

Please note that we only have 25 seats available. Sign up today to reserve your spot and benefit from this offer.

What is a TapStation?

A TapStation allows you the opportunity to interact with the attendee event wristband and check them into your exhibit experience. This interaction will also allow you to send information directly to their personal event page.

How it Works?

You will download the free Kidz-Con Tap2Interact app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Use your iPhone or Android device to login into your TapStation. Once logged in you can tap attendee wristbands to capture their info and also to push your marketing content into their own personal profile page.


Fill out the form below to request your TapStation for $175. Once processed we will send you a description with a web form to send us your assets ( logo, links, banners, social media URLs, etc..).

What will you get?

Post-event you will receive a CSV file with all the attendees you tapped into your booth/exhibit/area. You also get to automate and send attendees your info from specials, incentives, information, and more. 

order form

Kids-Con 2022 - Sponsor/Exhibitor order form

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