The ultimate connectable on the market

This patented accessory revolutionizes the fan experience by seamlessly blending physical and digital merchandise. Create profound connections by integrating exclusive content, unlock rewards, team/athlete incentives and other immersive experiences to support fan engagement. Empower fans to connect deeply with their favorite team’s, players, leagues, driving ongoing moments.

This innovative technology seamlessly incorporates into various merchandise such as credentials, VIP badges, bags, keyrings, backpacks, and other accessories.

Detachable FanTags are incredibly collectible and remarkably interactive, making them a perfect tool for sponsorship collaborations. This cutting-edge technology offers real-time ROI analytics and can effortlessly integrate into a diverse range of branded merchandise, including bag tags, hats, wristbands, stadium bags, keychains, etc.

Powered by Tap2Interact technology, this system enables the unlocking of a variety of interactive experiences through intriguing and exclusive digital content. Gain access to a wide array of digital experiences related to Clubs, players, or leagues, and even craft personalized interactions using the Tap2Interact software, including features like photos, check-ins, NFTs, triggers, and more.
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