NFC TapStation Submission Page

TapStations are the latest streamlined solution to collect leads and push relevant content to attendees via an NFC TAP enabled.
Please visit this link to make a one-time payment of $150 to order and set up your station.
Benefits of using your sponsor station:
– Lead retrieval.
– Checked-in users would automatically receive your brand’s content on their profile page.
– Add notes to conversations with your guests.
– Export your event data in CSV format if needed for your CRM system

Setup the event app

We recommend that before the event sponsors/vendors should download our free app and have it set up on the same smartphone that they intend to use during the event. The login credentials will be provided by the event organizer. For the best experience we recommend using the iPhone (any model iPhone 9 or newer), an Android version is also available.

Tap2Interact event app:
Click here to install the iOS version
Click here to install the Android version

Setup the event TapStation content

Use the form below to submit the content for your sponsor/vendor tapstation. This content will be automatically pushed to guests/attendees who check into your station (*Please note that if your assets are not available at once, you can always revisit this page and submit new assets. If you need to submit an updated graphic asset, just re-submit this form and we will always use the most recent version). For any questions, you can always send us a quick email to info@digitizeyourbrand.com.

*Once on the profile page, click on the “View My Check-in History” button to see a sample of the sponsor checked-in stations.

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