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Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time and learn more about how to interact with your NFC merchandise.

Interact using an iPhone

Quick video and tips on how to interact with your iPhone also helping to point out the location of the NFC antenna in your phone.

Interact using an android

Quick video and tips on how to interact with your Android and how to troubleshoot and make sure the NFC function is turned ON or existent in your Android phone.

how to self register

Once you tapped your own NFC merchandise you will be prompted to fill in a quick registration form and activate your account.

Note: In some instances an auto filling function could add spaces to the end of the form fields. If you get any error when trying to submit the form please make sure there are no spaces added to the end of the text fields or any other characters other than alpha numeric.

Connect & collect

Simply tap another guest’s badge/interactive NFC and collect their contact details. Tap your NFC at any time and visit the Connect & Collect section to see your contact or export them to a CSV file.

Note: This feature requires you to be logged into your profile page. If by any means you are logged out please use your registration email and login in order to start collecting contacts.

tap2interact app

Download the Tap2Interact Event app and use the credentials provided by our team to login and use it for your event.

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