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Our journey has been amazing, for the past 11 years we helped the best brands in the world leverage interactive merchandise. Our evolution continues as we look to continue to innovate and drive digital interactions with physical merchandise.

We can remember like it was yesterday our first activation, helping Nike leverage NFC for the Nike Training Club National Tour. It’s amazing to see the growth and adoption of NFC tap technology and we feel like we are just getting started. 

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Apple adopted the NFC in 2018 which has helped propel this technology into many areas of business. From access to mobile ticketing, automotive, home kits, and in our case merchandising. No app is needed allowing contactless and frictionless engagement. With Apple and Android on-board, we are set up for long-term success. 

We know each job and order is an interview for the next which is why we treat each client and activation with the same level of commitment and service. As NFC grows in adoption we believe no other company has the supply chain of materials and software platform to serve your needs.

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